This site is not meant to replace  MH$P or appear/act like MH$P. Its meant to add an additional avenue for selling with a few more features not currently on MH$P.

About me:

I am not a professional web designer or programmer. I have a full time job, a 5 year old, animals and a husband. So I may not be able to help you immediately or be able to respond to emails immediately.  I will do my best to keep this site up and running with as few bugs as possible. But again, I'm not a programmer. So if an issue arise please be patient with me.  Most likely I won't know how to fix the problem and will have to google search the fix.

There are a lot of modifications coming. A better rating system is in the works. I currently do not know when. I'm working on a more user friendly mobile appearance. But again, this is out of my realm of expertise and I'm having a very hard time understanding WHY its not doing what its suppose to do. Honestly that menu bar is not suppose to be showing like it is in Mobile View.  I want to add a user blocking system. So if you have a problem with a vendor/buyer you can block that person from viewing and contacting you. But its going to cost a lot of money to do it, and I'm worried about future app updates for this site. 

Very open so to suggestions or additions you would like to see on this site. If its possible to do, I will do it. Also open to what you don't like. I can't promise I can fix the issue, but I will sure look into it.

Hope you enjoy the site. I'm quite excited about it and hope it will be come a welcome addition to your buying/selling adventure.